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Welcome to DronesTechie.com, a place to explore drones and how they can be used for recreational fun, visual imagery for businesses, and UAVs in general. We review all things drones, from accessories to regulations, to the best drones for your needs.

Our Mission

Our mission at DronesTechie.com is to help drone newbies learn more about drones by recommending the best drones for their needs.

We are striving to fulfill our mission by writing extensive buying guides for many levels of experience and creating useful guides around drone operation, drone regulations, and drone trends.

Our Story

DronesTechie.com was born out of a desire to know more about drones and the drone industry. When I bought my first drone it was a toy drone I used recreationally with my son.  We enjoyed a lot of quality time together learning how to fly it.  Drone technology has advanced a lot since then. I started learning more about drones and want to share my knowledge with those looking to do the same. I want to provide an easy way to navigate through all the noise to help anyone start their own journey with drones.

Our Responsibility

At DronesTechie.com, we believe in maintaining the highest standards of editorial integrity. Our fundamental principle is to provide quality information first.

  • We use the highest quality sources to research our content
  • We regularly revisit and update our pages with the latest information.

What to do now?

If you are here, it means you too are looking to learn more about drones, finding the best drone, flying your drone and more.

The good news is, that we have prepared great information to help you achieve your goals:

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